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We are the first medical school in the northeast region of Thailand and the leading academic center. One of our faculty is a recipient of the Albert Schweizer Golden Medal Award, Professor Thongueb Uttaravichien, MBBS, Surgeon, former President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand.

Interdisciplinary and integrative teaching and research are particular strengths in our mission is to produce medical practitioners as well as a range of complementary support scientists and lecturers to serve Thailand, especially in the northeastern region. Our emphases are on family medicine and community health as well as being a collaborative research center for addressing endemic health problems.

‘Scientists from the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, rank among the top tropical disease researchers in Asia,’ said Yukun Harsono, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Elsevier Inc., at the 4th QS University Rankings and Evaluation Workshop, held in Singapore (November, 2010). We can proudly say that the Faculty of Medicine, KKU is one of Asia’s best destinations for tropical disease research. Indeed, we had the largest number of fractional publications in Tropical Medicine and Parasitology among Asian Pacific countries.

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